What are the fees?
None. Cebu Book Club does not charge its members anything. There will only be event-based contributions.
Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit in reading, so there should be no age limit in Cebu Book Club as well. We only ask that members below 18 years old get a written permission from their parents for physical meetings in the future.
Are you currently taking in members?
Yes! Membership is now open to the public. Just fill up this FORM.
Do you have to be a Cebuano to be a member?
No. We welcome all men and women who are avid readers and active online users. For future meet-ups, though, Cebu will be the place to meet.
What are the other perks of being a Cebu Book Club member?
1. Membership badge
2. Participation in giveaways exclusive for members
3. Special badges as prizes
4. Get the chance to be featured in the Cebu Book Club blog
5. Be updated on your favorite authors and books
What kinds of books does Cebu Book Club read?
Everything and anything!
I have other questions not addressed here.
Send us an email to cebubookclub@gmail.com.