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 Welcome to our curated list of Cebu-based book bloggers—a haven for bibliophiles in the heart of the Philippines. In a place renowned for its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, these bloggers add another layer to Cebu's richness by diving into the world of literature. From thoughtful reviews to compelling recommendations and captivating book events, these are the voices leading Cebu's ever-growing community of readers. Scroll down to discover your next favorite blog and unlock a treasure trove of literary gems.

GeeMiz Books

Author: Gee

Blog: GeeMiz Books

Bookstagram: @geemizbooks

GeeMiz Books, the literary sanctuary curated by Gee, a Cebu-based book blogger. With a cup of black coffee, hot chocolate, or even wine in hand—depending on her mood—Gee dives into a wide array of genres. From historical fiction and investigative narratives to timeless classics and the enchanted realms of fantasy, her blog is a rainbow of literary explorations. Occasionally, she also delves into the inspiring worlds of self-help and productivity. Gee's love of reading doesn't merely enrich her life; it serves as a beacon, guiding her audience through a multifaceted journey into the universe of the written word.