Behind The Club

Nancy Cudis
I am a proud Cebuano, having lived in Cebu, Philippines all my life. I have been to several places in the country but Cebu is where my heart is.
I am also a reader, writer, learner, and book blogger. I have a huge shelf of books, almost half of them not yet read; I write short stories and now working on my book; I’m a student, pursuing postgraduate studies in media studies; and I blog at
I enjoyed reading books since I was a kid, after having discovered the wonderful world of the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. My reading taste is eclectic, but my inclination is leaned more towards (in no particular order) Philippine literature, short stories, classics, Christian fiction, children’s literature, and romance. My favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte, O. Henry, Ruth Rendell, Amador Daguio, and Oscar Wilde, among many others.
This club is a dream come true for me. This is an opportunity for me to make new friends and share my passion for books. So I look forward to spending time with you through Cebu Book Club.

Geezelle Tapangan
I am a book lover and blogger. I am a Boholana but I have lived in Cebu for more than 10 fruitful years already.
I really did not know when my passion for books started but as far as I remember, I have been reading books since grade school. The first books I have read, aside from school books, are the 10 volume Bible storybooks in my aunt’s place, which I have read the whole summer of 1999 (Lez do bible story quiz).
I read all genres of books, but most of the time you will see me with a history-fiction or a self-growth book. My favorite authors are Og Mandino, John Maxwell, Jonas Jonasson, Harper Lee, and Dan Brown.
Being in a book club is a dream come true. I have always been longing to have a group where I can share my thoughts and sentiments about the book I have read. This is also an opportunity for me to engage in other book genres aside from the ones that I have been reading and create friendship with people who share the same passion for books.
I blog at